What Are Popular Middle Names for Baby Girls?


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Popular middle names for girls are Ann, Ashton, Marie, Bree and Catherine, as of 2015. Popular female middle names are often chosen to create a pleasant syllabic flow and rhythm between the first and last names.

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What Are Popular Middle Names for Baby Girls?
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To complement the baby girl's first name, parents often use flower names. Popular examples include Rose, Daisy, Violet, Lily and Petunia. Middle names derived from flowers are popular among celebrity parents as well.

Classic and family names are a popular choice as a middle name for baby girls when parents wish to pass on a relative's moniker without sacrificing the child's personal identity. Popular instances include old-fashioned names like Louise, Ethel, Willa, Beatrice and Elizabeth.

Choosing middle names that imply moral virtues is a popular way to choose a baby name for a baby girl. Grace, Hope, Faith, Joy and Honor are among the most common. Some parents opt for more descriptive characteristics, such as True, Shine, Trinity or Patience.

Another popular choice for middle names for baby girls are colors. For example, Blue, and its alternative spelling, Bleu, are among the most popular of colors chosen for female middle names. Violet is one of the more basic popular choices. Unique colors, such as Aqua, Azure, Citron and Indigo, are also popular color-based names.

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