What Are Some Popular Mexican Baby Boy Names?

What Are Some Popular Mexican Baby Boy Names?

Some of the most popular boys names in Mexico are Jose Luis, Juan,? Miguel Angel, Jose and Francisco. Along with Jesus, Antonio, Alejandro, Pedro and Juan Carlos make up the National Population Registry's top 10 most commonly used boys names.

Other popular boys names in Mexico include Manuel, Ricardo, Daniel, Fernando and Jorge. The names Roberto, Carlos, Francisco Javier, Eduardo and Javier are other popular names in Mexico. These names are among the most commonly used in Mexico between 1930 and 2008, according to statistics released by the National Population Registry.

Guadalupe is the most common Mexican name, registered more than 800,000 times during that period. The name's popularity arises from its use for both girls and boys.

The most popular Hispanic names for boys born in the United States include ?Santiago?, Javier, Diego?, and Alejandro. As of 2014, they are all on the Social Security Administration's list of 100 most common baby boy names.

Names in Mexico are usually of Spanish origin but differ from the most common baby boy names in Spain, which also include Daniel, Pablo, Hugo and Alvaro.

Common diminutives of popular Spanish boys names include Pepe for Jose, Manu for Manuel, Paco for Francisco and Suso for Jesus. Double names often have a compound diminutive, such as Juanan for Juan Antonio, Juanmi for Juan Miguel or Jovi for Jose Vicente.

Recent Mexican heads of state have included Enrique, Felipe, Vicente, Ernesto and Adolfo.