What Are Some Popular Math Games That Teach Money Counting?

Some popular math games that teach money counting are Peter Pig's Money Counter, Coin Carnival and Coin City. These games are available online at the PrimaryGames, Math Nook and Free Training Tutorial websites. The Peter's Pig Money counter, which was designed by Visa, Inc. for children between the ages of four and seven, is a fun game that also helps them learn to sort or count coins of different denominations, as noted by PrimaryGames.com.

The math game Peter Pig's Money Counter involves children counting and sorting different coins and then placing them in the appropriate jar within a time span of 60 seconds. Children can also practice comparing coins and noting which are the greater amounts. The game has three levels: hard, medium and easy.

The Free Training Tutorial website has a variety of different money counting games, including Coin Carnival, Ed's Bank, Treasure Hunt, Coin Combo, Coin Slide and Parrot Supplies. The Coin Carnival game may be suitable for children in first and second grade. This coin counting game has a character named Cappy the Penguin that visits a carnival to spend the money in his piggy bank by playing three games. Children who play this game must add or subtract different coins to help Cappy in activities, such as buying candy and toys.

The Math Nook site has the Coin City game that involves driving around a town and picking up a target number of coins to take to a bank. There is a regular and advanced version.