What Are Some Popular Japanese Names for Girls?


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Some popular Japanese names for girls are Yui, Hina, Koharu, Rio and Mei. In 2015, the most popular names for female Japanese newborns were Sakura, Riko and Aoi, according to Japan Today. Most Japanese choose kanji characters based on their meaning when naming a baby, although some Japanese may choose hiragana characters for girls.

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Japanese parents choose from thousands of characters when naming a baby. As a result, different combinations of characters are used for the same name, so it is not possible to know how to write a Japanese name from the sound. For example, the popular name "Koharu" can take its first sound for the kanji for "small" or for "heart." This is combined with the kanji character for "spring." Together, the name means "late summer."

Certain sounds are often repeated in different names. For example, "ko," which means "child," often appears at the end of female names. One example of this is the ending of the common girl's name Keiko. "Mi," which means "beauty," is also often used, such as in the name Miyu. If parents decide to name their child after a relative, they typically choose to use one of the person's kanji rather than the entire name.

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