What Are Some Popular Italian Baby Names?


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The most popular Italian girls' names in 2013 were Sofia, Giulia and Martina, according to the Italian National Institute for Statistics. The most popular boys' names in this same year were Francesco, Alessandro and Andrea, reports the same source.

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What Are Some Popular Italian Baby Names?
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Though now very popular in Italy, Sofia was originally a Greek name. Commonly also spelled "Sophia," this name means "wisdom." The name Giulia is an Italian original. This name is the Italian feminine form of the ancient man's name, Julius which means "downy" or "hairy."

Martina is a baby name of Spanish origins. This name is the feminine version of the popular male name, Martin. This name means "feminine." The name is also said to mean "warlike," as a result of its association with Mars, the Roman god of war.

Francesco is an Italian re-imagining of the common Latin name Francis. Like the original Latin name, the name Francesco is said to mean "the free one." Like the also popular Sofia, Alessandro comes from Greek origins. This name is said to mean "The defender of man." Andrea is another popular Italian name that comes from Greece. It is perhaps surprising that this name is so commonly used as a girl's name in America, as the name means "manly."

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