What Are Some Popular Greek Names for Boys?


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Some popular Greek names for boys include Alexander, Lucas, Damian, Stephen and George. Some other common and historic Greek boy names include Achilles, Dorian and Adonis.

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What Are Some Popular Greek Names for Boys?
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The name Alexander is a combination of the Greek word "alexo," meaning "to defend," and "ander" which means "man or warrior." The official meaning of the name is the "defender of the people." The most famous figure to bear the name is Alexander the Great who is historically known as the leader who expanded the Greek empire over three continents. It has been a popular name throughout history for popes, emperors and kings. Some nicknames include Xander, Sasha, Alek and Alex.

The name Lucas is Greek for "man from Lucania." The Latin meaning of the name is "bringer of light." It is a version of the more popular Luke, but Luke is also a common nickname for Lucas. The name Damian is Greek for "to tame or subdue." The name Stephen is Greek for "crown," while the name George is Greek for "farmer."

Historically, the names Achilles and Adonis are associated with mythological characters. Achilles means "pain" and Adonis means "lord." Some other Greek names with historical significance are Dorian, meaning "from the sea," and Galen, meaning "calm."

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