What Are Some Popular Grandmother Names?

What Are Some Popular Grandmother Names?

Popular names for grandmothers include Granny, Mammy, Nanny and Mawmaw. Among baby boomers, Grandma still tops the list as the most common name. About half of grandmothers still bear this moniker. However, many modern grandmothers prefer names that sound less aging and more individualized.

Today, about half of grandparents select their own names instead of leaving the task to parents or grandchildren. So long as grandmothers steer clear of names that sound too close to

"Mommy," self-selection is often the perfect way to arrive at a good fit. Playful names like Coco or Fancy may be an ideal option for a youthful grandmother.

Many families select a name based on the grandmother's country of origin. Names with an international flair include the Greek name Yaya, the German name Oma, the Russian name Babushka, the Spanish term Abuela and the Italian term Nonna.

Some grandparents enjoy coming up with creative name pairings such as Lolly and Pop. This is a good choice for distinguishing between multiple sets of grandparents.

As babies begin to babble, they may invent their own names for their grandmother, discarding the name carefully preselected by the family. In this case, the new term is often an endearing mispronunciation of the intended name that is even more meaningful than the original moniker.