What Are Some Popular Graduate Programs?


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Three of the most popular graduate program fields are education, business and social sciences. Graduate programs in computer sciences have become increasingly popular as the technology fields grow. Sciences, engineering and physical science are also popular graduate programs. There are more than 70,000 graduate programs available for a potential student to pursue.

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Fields of graduate program studies change in popularity due to socioeconomic factors, cultural fractures and geography.

Graduate programs in engineering, physical sciences and business have a larger percentage of men than women enrolled in them. Women dominate the percentage of graduate programs in health sciences, public administration and education. The education system has expressed concern that women are not expected to perform at a high standard in mathematics or sciences while men are not expect to hold to a high standard in reading and creative writing. The number of women who are enrolling in graduate programs have increased drastically since the 1950s. This is thought to be a factor in the types of graduate programs each sex pursues.

Percentages of minorities enrolled in graduate programs are rising at a consistent rate. Master's degrees are the most common graduate degree to be awarded to students enrolled in higher education.

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