What Are Some Popular Gothic Names?


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Popular Gothic names include Crow, Amethyst, Raven, Shadow and Thorn, according to BabyNames.AllParenting.com. Nameberry.com, Baby.LoveToKnow.com and BabyNames.AllParenting.com provide female, male and unisex Gothic names, as well as their meanings.

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Gothic names represent a darker nature and a mix of horror and romance. They stem from either medieval or modern times. Nameberry.com, an online name database with more than 50,000 names as of 2015, includes Aura, Drusilla, Tempest and Storm on its list of Gothic names. Baby.LoveToKnow.com provides Ague, Chimera, Golgotha, Narcissa and Vladimir.

BabyNames.AllParenting.com categorizes Gothic names into those inspired by animals, colors, nature, and romance or mysticism. Names inspired by animals are Crow, Talon and Arachne (which means "spider"). Color-inspired names include Onyx, another word for "black"; Elektra, a word for "amber"; and Xanthe, which means "gold." Nature-inspired names include Thorn, Luna and Zephyr ("wind"). Names inspired by romance or mysticism are Abraxas, which means "mystical"; and Jinx, meaning "magic charm."

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