What Are Some Popular Girl Names in 2015?

What Are Some Popular Girl Names in 2015?

Some of the most popular girl names so far in 2015 include, but are not limited t,: Emma, Olivia, Sophia and Ava. There are many names to choose from when deciding to name a baby girl, but the above names are the four most popular for 2015.

Some of these names are spelled a number of different ways, but share the same meaning. The alternative spelling for each of the names listed is ranked separately.

Emma, the first ranked name in 2014 and 2015, means "whole or universal" in the Old German language. This name has been popular since the nineteenth century and is shared by celebrities Emma Stone and Emma Watson.

The second name on the list is Olivia. Olivia was also ranked number two in 2014. Olivia is the feminine form of Oliver which means "olive tree" in Greek. The name was used for a character in William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night".

Sophia is the third ranked name on the list for both 2014 and 2015. Sophia is Greek for wisdom and was commonly used in the Middle Ages by European royalty.

Ava is a variation of Eve. Ava is the fourth ranked name on this list and was ranked number five in 2014. This name may come from the Latin word "avis", which means bird. It became popular because of actress Ava Gardner.