What Are Some Popular Gangster Names?

Popular gangster names include Scarface, Lucky and Mad Dog. Popular gangster names usually come from famous gangsters in the past, including the names Pretty Boy and Bugsy.

The popular gangster name Scarface comes from the mob boss named Al Capone. Capone was working as a doorman for a nightclub in Brooklyn when he insulted a woman at the club. This provoked the woman's brother, Frank Gallucio, who attacked Capone and slashed three cuts into the left side of his face. Al Capone hid these scars in pictures and said he received them in war.

The gangster name Mad Dog started with Vincent Coll. Coll attempted to kidnap Joey Rao on July 28, 1931, which caused a shootout. A five-year old child named Michael Vengali died in the resulting chaos and several other children were wounded. The New York City mayor first called Vincent Coll by the nickname of Mad Dog because of this violent display. In 1932, a $50,000 bounty was placed on Mad Dog and he was shot and killed.

Charles "Lucky" Luciano is considered the father of organized crime. In 1931 he created The Commission, the American Mafia's governing body. Luciano was dubbed "Lucky" when he survived an abduction in 1929. A group of men stabbed him and left him on Staten Island, where a police officer found him and transported him to hospital.