What Are Some Popular French Names?


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Some popular French boy names include Lucas, Noah, Nathan, Enzo, Louise, Gabriel, Jules, Maxime, Raphael, Arthur, Tom, Hugo, Thomas and Kylian or Killian. Some popular French girl names include Emma, Jade, Chloe, Sarah, Lea, Clara, Manon, Zoe, Lola, Ines or Ynes, Camille, Maelys, Lina or Lyna, Lily or Lili, Eva and Lucie.

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In France, people often use two or more given names, and the law requires that newborns take the name of their father. Some popular French family names include Martin, Bernard, Dubois, Robert, Richard, Petit, Durand, Leroy and Moreau.

Most given names in France are gender specific, and a lot of the names are chosen from the Roman Catholic calendar of saints, such as Jean, Michel, Marie, Elisabeth, Jacques, Margueritie and Pierre. Some names originate from other languages; for example, Abel comes from the Hebrew name Havel, which means "breath," and Babtiste comes from the Greek word for "to dip." Other popular names include Adam, Adele, Alexis, Celine, Coralie, Daniel, Eric, Edgar, Erwan, Esther, Elise, Eugenie, Estelle, Flore, Florent, Florine, Flavie, Hannah, Iris, Lucille, Lara, Maeva, Melina, Mathis, Myriam, Nina, Nicolas, Oceane Oliver, Paul, Penelope, Perrine, Quentin, Remy, Rose, Sacha, Theo, Tristan, Valentin, Victor, Violette, Xavier, Yann and Zacharie.

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