What Are Some Popular Female Names and Their Meanings?


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Some popular female names are Charlotte, Amelia, Emma and Chloe. These names loosely mean "free," "to strive," "universal" and "verdant," respectively. Other popular names are Audrey, Sophia, Elizabeth and Sarah. These names loosely mean "noble strength," "wisdom," "God is my oath" and "princess," respectively.

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What Are Some Popular Female Names and Their Meanings?
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Popular female names vary depending on national origin or geographic region. For example, the most popular female names in Romania include Ioana ("God is gracious") and Daria ("Upholder of the Good"). In Denmark, some popular names are Freja (after the Norse goddess of love), Astrid ("God's Strength") and Sadie ("Princess").

Popular names also change over time, with names going out of and coming back into style. For example, the three most popular girls' names in America in 1950 were Linda, Mary and Patricia. In 1975, the most popular names were Amy, Heather and Jennifer. In 2001, Emily, Madison and Hannah topped lists.

Celebrities, pop culture and current events also affect trends in names. It isn't uncommon for famous athletes, musicians or actors to inspire millions to name their children after them. Similarly, book, film and television characters occasionally spark name trends. The names that public figures choose to bestow on their own children make an impression as well.

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