What Are Some Popular English Grammar Exercises?

What Are Some Popular English Grammar Exercises?

Some of the most frequently assigned grammar exercises are those focusing on sentence combining, agreement errors, punctuation and sentence structure. These exercises are aimed at correcting the most common student writing errors.

Teachers assign grammar exercises to target specific areas with which students are struggling. Before selecting grammar exercises, students should complete some form of grammar assessment to evaluate the most beneficial sorts of exercises. For native speakers of English, the most typically beneficial exercises are ones focusing on sentence structure, punctuation, agreement and word choice. Students studying English as a second language often need work on article usage and vocabulary as well.

Exercises focused on punctuation present students with unpunctuated sentences and ask them to add punctuation or have students edit incorrectly punctuated sentences. Punctuation exercises normally emphasize apostrophes, commas and semi-colons. As problems with punctuation can result from a lack of understanding of sentence structure, punctuation exercises may be paired with work on basic sentence elements, including identifying subjects and main verbs and marking clauses as dependent or independent.

Students can practice subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement by selecting the most appropriate word to complete a sentence from a list or they might be presented with a sentence with a blank space in place of one or more words and be asked to fill in the blank space.

Finally, sentence combining exercises, which involve using subordinating or coordinating conjunctions to combine two independent clauses into a complex or compound sentence, are frequently used to teach sentence structure and improve student prose style.