What Are Some Popular Electrical Projects for College Engineering Students?

What Are Some Popular Electrical Projects for College Engineering Students?

Some popular electrical projects for college engineering students are an automatic night lamp, a refrigerator door alarm, a device that measures water levels and a circuit that protects against theft while traveling. Another common engineering project for college engineering students is a stun gun, which teaches students about voltage and currents.

Engineering students can create a lamp that senses daylight and shuts off automatically. The device contains a sensor that determines whether it is day or night and is useful for street lights or other outdoor nighttime lighting. A refrigerator alarm similarly uses sensors to detect light. This project is useful for making sure a refrigerator does not sit open unintentionally.

Another common project is to design a device that sounds an alarm if anyone tries to steal a bag or a suitcase. The device contains a circuit and a plug. If the plug detaches from its socket during an attempted snatching, the device alarms, drawing attention to the thief and alerting the item's owner.

In addition, a water-level sensor is an engineering project that measures the amount of water in a container. To complete this project, the student places probes that detect water at several locations in the container. In addition to monitoring liquid levels in a jug, another common application for this project is as a fuel gauge in a vehicle.

To make a stun gun, a student creates a device with high voltage but a low current. In keeping with its name, a stun gun paralyzes or temporarily stuns its target. Modern applications include warfare or law enforcement.