What Are Some Popular Economics Courses?


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Two of the most popular economic courses are the survey of microeconomics and the survey of macroeconomics, as reported by coursetalk.com . One or both of these courses are part of the core curriculum for many college majors.

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What Are Some Popular Economics Courses?
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Microeconomics is the study of economic decisions of individual people and businesses. Prices of goods, workers' wages, taxes and the government's policies regarding trade are all topics of discussion. The law of supply and demand is a key concept in the interaction between buyers and sellers.

Macroeconomics focuses on the economic system as a whole. National income, the financial sector, economic growth, and the international economy form the framework for this course. Other topics are inflation and the gross national product.

Other courses popular by online students are Capitalism in Crisis, a course about the global economy and fears of another Great Depression, and How the Economy Really Works, a study of the economy and the individual's place in it.

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