What Are the Most Popular Dog Names in the US?


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As of 2015, the top male dog name in the United States was "Bailey," while the top female dog name was "Bella," according to research conducted by VPI Pet Insurance companies. "Bella" has been the top female dog name for several years, possibly because of the popularity of the "Twilight" series, while "Bailey" knocked "Max" out of the top spot for male dogs.

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Some other popular names for male dogs include "Charlie" and "Buddy." "Rocky," "Jake" and "Toby" also made the top ten, along with "Jack" and "Buster." The research also featured some interesting names that may not seem so common, such as "Dakota," "Maximus" and "Romeo." Names referencing pop culture, such as "Gizmo," also made the cut for popular male dog names.

While "Bella" is still the reigning champion when it comes to female dog names, "Molly," "Lucy" and "Daisy" also made the top 5. "Maggie," "Sophie" and "Sadie" were also popular names for female dogs in 2015, as were "Lola" and "Zoe." Unlike the top male dog names, the female dog name list contained several names related to food, such as "Honey," "Pepper" and "Brandy."

Several names were popular for both male and female dogs: "Dakota" made both lists, along with "Bailey" and "Casey."

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