What Are Some Popular Debate Topics?

Some popular debate topics include whether it is feasible to replace fossil fuels with alternative energy sources, if cellphones are a health hazard, whether sexual orientation is already determined at the time of birth and if churches should have tax-exempt status. Others include whether human activity causes climate change, if a college education is a worthwhile investment and if the death penalty should remain an option.

People who support replacing fossil fuels with alternative energy sources often argue that fossil fuels are unsustainable and harmful to the environment. They believe the switch can make the United States less reliant on foreign energy sources while boosting the country's economy. Those who oppose the switch argue that it is technologically unfeasible to produce the same amount of power with other sources. They believe other sources are inefficient, and their use can therefore hurt the economy.

The debate about cellphone safety centers around the question as to whether long-term cellphone usage increases risk of brain tumors. Some scientific studies have suggested a correlation between cellphone use and brain tumor incidence, one of which was a study involving 13 countries, according to CNN. The study found that individuals who claimed to have used their phones for at least 1,640 hours throughout their lives were 40 percent more likely to develop a glioma than individuals who had never used cellphones. A counterargument is that people who have had brain tumors may be more likely to exaggerate how often they used their phones prior to the diagnosis.