What Are Some Popular Courses in Health Care?

What Are Some Popular Courses in Health Care?

Courses related to becoming a registered nurse, home health aide and medical assistant are popular in health care, according to Monster.com. Programs to become a pharmacy technician or medical secretary are also in demand.

Aspiring nurses should expect to complete at least an associate degree. Students who want to become registered nurses must complete a bachelor degree in the science of nursing. Such programs include courses related to anatomy, nutrition, chemistry and microbiology. Common courses for registered nurses include bioethics, nursing research and nursing care of the older adult.

Becoming a home health aide requires taking courses related to CPR, life support and medical terminology. The program typically takes one year to complete. Students receive a certificate when they complete the program.

Medical assistants must also earn a certificate, though their training can take up to two years. Medical assistant students take courses related to laboratory procedures, therapeutic care, pharmacology, and endocrinology and reproduction. They must also take courses related to the business of medicine, such as medical insurance and bookkeeping. Pharmacy technician courses are similar in that they result in a certificate after one to two years. These courses focus on pharmacology and the business of pharmacies, though.

To become a medical secretary, students must take courses related to medical terminology, billing and coding, transcription and computer skills. The program takes one to two years.