What Are Some Popular Community Colleges in the United States?

What Are Some Popular Community Colleges in the United States?

As of 2014, some popular community colleges in terms of attendance include Pasadena City College, Santa Monica College, City College of San Francisco, College of Southern Nevada and Miami Dade College. As of 2014, each college had an enrollment of tens of thousands of students.

As of 2014, California's Pasadena City College had an enrollment of 26,237 and over 130 course options with focuses including business and technology. In addition to associate degrees with focuses on accounting and hospitality, the school offers online certificates in business information technology.

Santa Monica College, located in Santa Monica, California, had a 2014 enrollment of 31,929. Two popular programs are communications and media studies, and the school offers practical experience in several fields of media.

City College of San Francisco features the School of International Education and ESL programs for international students. Immigrant students can sign up for the free non-credit ESL program. City College also provides a study abroad program.

The College of Southern Nevada had a 2014 enrollment of 43,561, and a popular program at the school is the general Associate of Arts program. Fine arts and English are two of the concentrations.

Miami Dade College in Florida has concentrations in education.