What Are the Most Popular Cat Names for Females?


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The top female cat names in 2015, according to Rover.com, are "Lily," "Chloe," "Lucy," "Bella" and "Luna." Rounding out the top 10 are "Maddie," "Emma," "Coco," "Molly" and "Callie." Many of these are also human names.

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Pet names are influenced by popular culture, such as movies, books and trending foods. "Bella," which is number one for female dogs and number three for female cats but is also popular for children, started appearing after the "Twilight" series became a phenomenon. Pet-themed movies, such as "The Aristocats," have provided pet names with continued popularity. Other names, such as "Molly," have appeared on popular pet name lists for years and have become classics.

There is international variation in pet names, just as with human names. For example, "Nabi," meaning "butterfly," is such a popular South Korean cat name, for both males and females, that it's transferred to cartoons as a generic name for a cat. German pet names tend to be non-German names, such as "Minka," "Susi" and "Lisa," although "Mieze," meaning "pussycat," continues to be popular.

A Gallup poll from 1990 reveals that people generally chose fewer human names and more cat-oriented names, such as "Tiger," "Whiskers" and the rather uncomplimentary "Fraidy" and "Scaredy."

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