What Are Some Popular Baking and Pastry Courses?

What Are Some Popular Baking and Pastry Courses?

Some of the popular baking and pastry courses include cupcake fundamentals, cake decorating principles, art of sugar decoration and bread baking. Cupcake fundamentals teach students to make the best cupcakes of different sizes, flavors and colors, according to Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

A course in cake decorating principles helps the student learn how to make appealing cakes for different occasions. This course focuses on areas such as border work, line work and small writings, according to NAIT. The art of sugar decoration enables students to enhance their skills in decorating using different types of sugar, as stated by NAIT.

Chocolates and truffles is a course for students to identify different types of chocolates and their uses. In this course, the student learns to make sweet truffles and how to model and decorate using chocolate.

A bread-baking course enables the student to learn different skills in making bread of the best quality and taste. This course teaches traditional methods of making bread, as well as how to use creative ingredients. Professional mixing, kneading, folding and shaping techniques are also taught, as revealed by the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.

Other courses include important managerial skills, customer service, safety and sanitation. Each of these courses can involve a practical session or a theory session, or both.