What Are Some Popular Baby Names in Tamil?


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Popular Tamil baby names for boys include Anbu, meaning “love,” and Harendra, meaning “king,” while popular Tamil names for girls include Dharuna, meaning “brave,” and Ezhil, which means “beauty.” Many Tamil names for babies take inspiration from nature, including Agira, meaning “sun” or “fire,” or Indumathi, meaning “full moon,” both of which are popular names for girls. Popular Tamil names for boys also follow suit with Nilavan, meaning “moon,” or Kajan, which means “elephant.”

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The Tamil people descend from the Dravidians of southern India and Sri Lanka and baby-naming tradition often centers around astrology and numerology. Religion also influences Tamil parents' naming decisions, so many popular names for children are also the names of popular deities, such as Kannan, for the God Krishna, Kumaran, for the Lord Muraga, and Kamatchi, for the Goddess Lakshmi.

The names of Tamil babies often refer to positive attributes of successful people, such as the popular girl names, Shankari, meaning “peace maker,” and Praveena, which means “skilled person,” and the popular boy names, including Padiril, meaning “man without vices,” and Aagney, meaning “great warrior.” Names conveying positive emotions are also popular, such as the names Aakanksh, Aalahd and Aamod, meaning “hope,” “joy” and “pleasure,” respectively.

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