What Are Some Popular Baby Names?

What Are Some Popular Baby Names?

The most popular boys names in 2014, according to data from the Social Security Administration, were Noah, Liam and Mason. The most popular girl's names during this same year were Emma, Olivia and Sophia.

The name Noah comes from Hebrew. This name means "comfort" or "long-lived." The name also has a strong biblical tie, referencing the ark-builder Noah.

Liam is an Irish name. The development of this name has been rather complex. Liam is a shortened version of the name Uilliam, which is a modified version of the name Willahelm. This name means "guardian."

Mason was originally a French last name. In the middle ages, this last name was associated with stone workers. Today, it retains a similar connotation and is said to mean "works with stone."

The name Emma is a derivative of the common moniker Emily. It comes from a German word that means "whole." The name Emma is also commonly used as a nickname for the names Emmeline and Amelia.

Olivia is a Latin name. It comes from the word "olive," and due to its association with the olive branch, means "peace."

The name Sophia comes from Greek origins. In Greek, the name literally means "wisdom." It is said to be the name of an early saint and remains popular in Greece, as well as in America.