What Are Some Popular Arabic Male Baby Names?


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The three most popular Arabic names for male babies are Aahil (which means "prince"), Aaban (which is the name of the angel), and Mohammed (the name of the final prophet). While these three are the most common names in 2015, there are several others that appear in high volume.

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Other popular Arabic names for male boys include Rehan (meaning "king"), Rayyan (which is the name of one of the gates of paradise), Zayan (which means "bright"), Usman (which is the name of the third Caliph), Aamir (which means "civilized") and Adail (which means "just" or "upright"). The most popular boys' names fall into one of two categories. The first category includes names from the Islamic tradition. The second category includes names whose meanings are desirable characteristics for a boy to have.

There are more popular names that fit this pattern as well. Bilal, for example, is the name of the prophet Muezzin. Farhan means "happy." Imran is another name of a prophet. Ali means "noble" or "sublime," and Shahzaib refers to "the crown of a king." Azlan, a name well-known in the English-speaking world because of its appearance in "The Chronicles of Narnia." This name means "lion," and parents give their sons this name because they want them to have lion-like qualities such as courage and strength.

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