What Are Some Popular Amharic Names?


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Some popular Amharic baby names include Abeba and Abebe, Debtera, Hakim and Lishan. Melaku, meaning "the angel," and Negash, meaning "next in line for the throne," are popular Amharic names for boys, and Selassie, meaning "trinity," and Zauditu, meaning "she is the crown," are among popular names for girls. Used primarily in Ethopia, other Amharic names include Meklit, Tewodro, Aberash and Desta. Mothers typically select children's names and choose names that reflect their wishes for their children.

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A child is often given her father's name as a second name, and families traditionally have no surname.

The Amharic names Abeba, for a female, and Abebe, appropriate for a male or female, mean "flower" and "flourishing flower," respectively. Debtera, a female name, means "priest who is in training." Hakim in Amharic means "doctor" or "medicine man," just as it does in Ethiopian, where it is spelled "Hakym." Lishan means "award" or "medal" in Amharic.

Amharic names that are appropriate for both men and women include Addis, which means "new," and Ambelu, which translates as "commander." Other popular female names include Salem, which is "peace" in Amharic; Mizrack, meaning "east"; and Sisay, meaning "omen of good things." Other popular male names include Zere, meaning "descendant of"; Tamirat, Amharic for "miracle"; and Berhanua, meaning "his light."

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