What Are Some Popular Alternative Names for Grandma?

Among the many alternative names to Grandma, the most popular include Granny, Nana, MomMom and MawMaw. Preferences for names for grandmothers vary by region and language and can be formal or informal. Some names considered trendy as of November 2015 include MayMay, Lola, MeMom, Coco and Dally. Many popular names for Grandma have a corresponding, semantically similar name for the Grandpas to make it easier for the grandchild to identify and pronounce.

Many names for grandparents evolve from an inability of the grandchild to pronounce the chosen name, including Gamma, MeMom and Glamma. Selecting a name for that is similar for both grandparents, such as MomMom and PopPop, MawMaw and PawPaw, Granny and Grammy, and Nana and Papa. Grandparents and parents also frequently elect to use different names for maternal and paternal grandparents for easier grandchild understanding.

Languages other than English have their own names for grandparents, Grandma in particular. The names vary widely by language. There are seven dialects of the African language with a unique name for Grandma, including Henna and Ugogo. In Polish, there are both formal and informal names for Grandma. Some common formal names include Babka and Babcia with informal names including Zsa-Zsa and GiGi.