What Are Some Popular African Names?

As of 2015, popular African names given to babies in the United States include Asante, Daren and Kaden for boys, and Imani, Makena and Aliyah for girls. Amari and Omari are also popular African names for boys, as are Barack and Ade. For girls, Nia, Ayanna or Ayana, and Ashanti are also popular.

Other popular names that have African roots include Maisha, Diara and Halima for girls, and Kofi, Simba and Tadeo for boys. Others are Sine, Sondra and Adama for girls, and Bahari, Azuka and Esinam for boys.

Some popular African names come from the names of towns, cities or geographical features in Africa, such as Zaire, Yala and Garissa. Other names in this category include Bria, Imi and Selima. Some names come from the names of African tribes or languages, such as Ashanti, Taveta and Lorma. Vashi and Pianga also fit into this category.

Some of these names derive from African languages such as Akan and Kikuyu, including Kofi, Maisha and Makena. Others have roots in Arabic, such as Aliyah, Halima and Imani. Still others have roots in English, Hebrew, Latin and other languages, showing the diversity of sources of names that have come to the United States from Africa.