What Are Some Popular African-American Names?


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Some popular African-American names for girls include Aaliyah, Brianna, Gabrielle, Hannah and Trinity, according to BabyCenter. Popular African-American names for boys are Christopher, Daniel, Ethan, Malik and Xavier. BabyCenter analyzed name data from Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Virginia and New York City to determine the most popular names among African-Americans, as of 2015.

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Popular African-American names have several different influences. For example, French names have increased in popularity since the 1960s. French-inspired names include Gabrielle, which has its origins in Hebrew and means "God is my strength," and Xavier, which comes from the Latin for "savior." Another influence is Islamic or Arabic names. This is seen in the popular name Malik, which originated in Arabic and means "master" or "king."

Biblical names are also popular among African-Americans. For example, Hannah, which means "grace of God" in Hebrew, is the mother of Samuel in the Bible. The name Daniel also appears in the Bible and means "God is my judge." Other popular Biblical names include David, Elijah, James, Matthew and Michael for boys.

Word names are another common theme, especially among the popular African-American names for girls. Examples of this include Trinity, Destiny and Diamond. The name Nevaeh is also a word name and comes from the word "heaven" spelled backwards.

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