How Does Poor Spelling Affect Grades?


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Poor spelling affects grades by limiting a student’s language and visual perception abilities. Students’ levels of proficiency in spelling affect their ability to recognize words, define them and use them appropriately in speech and writing. Language skills affect grades in many classes, and visual perception weaknesses affect certain grades specifically.

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Teaching spelling provides students with an ability to relate sights and sounds to language understanding. Many classes require reading, writing and speaking skills, so in this manner, poor spelling directly affects many grades, according to SpellingCity.

Just as improving a student’s spelling improves his strengths in visual perception, poor spelling affects visual-perception weaknesses. Educational fundamentals that are weakened with poor visual perception include estimating time, focusing on primary material in a distracting environment, recognizing errors and organizing work. Visual perception relates to math performance by affecting understanding of math concepts, shapes, spatial judgment, charts and diagrams. Poor visual perception affects science grades by impairing a student’s ability to recognize and understand a main idea, because these students focus only on details. Students with weak visual perception can fall behind in contemplating visual imagery, affecting grades in computer science and others; they can struggle more in history and geography by lowering understanding of time lines and maps, according to Education.com.

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