What Are Some Political Science Research Topics?


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Some ideas for political science research topics include: child soldiers in Africa, the 14th Amendment and privacy, truth commissions and civil society, war and peace in the Middle East and marriage equality. Political science is defined as the study of systems of government and the analysis of political activity and behavior.

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Especially for those majoring in Political Science in college, a requirement may be to write an essay on a topic in that area. Seniors are often required to submit a senior thesis, which is a large independent research project on a topic that a student comes up with on his own. Usually, however, the thesis topic has to be approved by the professor, or even head of the department. It may be helpful to have a few in mind, just in case the first choice is rejected for some reason.

Some ideas for a political science thesis are:

  • A woman's reproductive rights and the Supreme Court
  • Does every person have a right to Miranda rights?
  • The Federal Reserve system and its political influences
  • George Bush and the origins of the Iraq War
  • Tourism and dependency in the Bahamas
  • China's telecommunications policy
  • The right to religion in school
  • The Patriot Act vs constitutional rights to privacy
  • A study of the Disability Rights Movement
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