What Are Some Polish Last Names?

What Are Some Polish Last Names?

Some common Polish last names include Adamczyk, Dudek, Gorski and Jedynak. Most Polish last names fall into different categories such as geographical, patronymic or metronymic, descriptive, and occupational names.

Geographically, Polish surnames derive from the location where the first bearer and the family lived. Surnames that end with ?owski? mostly derive from places that have names ending with ?y,? ?ow,? ?owo,? and ?owa.? For example, the name ?Gryzbowski? typically belongs to a Polish national from the town of Gryzbow. Other geographical names include ?Dunajski? for a person who hails from River Danube and ?Autternberg? for a person who comes from the mountains or hills.

Under patronymic and metronymic classifications, the last name derives from the first name of an ancestor or a wealthy and respected person in the family chain. For instance, most Polish last names that have a suffix with the letter ?k? mean ?the son of.?

Descriptive Polish last names describe the character or unique features of an individual. For example, the name ?Micha Wysocki? means ?Michael the tall.? Descriptive surnames may also originate from a nickname.

Occupational surnames usually describe the occupation of that particular person or family line. For example, the name ?Micha Krawiec? means ?Michael the tailor.?