How Do You Play Math Playground Games?

play-math-playground-games Credit: Simon Watson/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Anyone may play Math Playground games by visiting and selecting a game. The website features dozens of freely accessible games, and visitors do not need to sign up or register to play. Math Playground is a teacher-created educational website and is funded through advertising. All ads are approved by the publisher to ensure a safe, kid-friendly environment. Advertisements do not appear during game play.

Math Playground games range from cute addition games for first and second graders, such as "Kitchen Match," to games that engage critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills, such as "Construct It." Visitors may browse the games by topics, such as fractions, basic operations, money and problem solving, or they may choose from new games or popular favorites that are listed on the homepage.

Each game includes basic instructions on how to play. Visitors must choose a unique player name before starting a new game. Players compete in real time against others and are rewarded with printable trophies at the end of the game. Math Playground also has a selection of word games to practice grammar, spelling, sight words and typing, as well as geography games that reinforce states and countries with their respective capitals. launched in 2002 and is a COPPA certified KidSafe+ website.