How Do You Play Fact Dash?


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To play Fact Dash, access the McGraw Hill website at MHSchool.com, and press go. Select the operation the student wishes to practice and the desired format in which the problems should appear. To navigate between several different operations, simply select the back arrow to return to the main screen.

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With Fact Dash, students can choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They can also select either mixed addition and subtraction or mixed multiplication and division. Once the operation is selected, the student chooses the difficulty range for that set of problems. For example, if doing addition, the student selects maximum sum ranges of up to eight, 10 or 12.

The student next chooses if she wants the problems to appear linearly or vertically, and if she wants the test session to be timed. If opting for the timer, the student can choose anywhere from one minute to 10 for the entire session, not per problem. The student then completes a test of 30 problems, governed by the clock if selected, punching in the answer values on an interactive keyboard below the problem box. If desired, the student can skip pesky problems.

At the end of the session, the student achieves a screen detailing her score, including the date and numbers correct, incorrect and skipped. There is also a printer option, should the student want to archive or celebrate her results.

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