How Do You Play "Crazy Taxi" on CoolMath?


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"Crazy Taxi" is played by using the arrow keys on a computer to guide the car to crash into other cars that are multiples of the number given, while also avoiding the cars that are not marked with multiples of the given number.

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In order to access the game, first go to the CoolMath home page and click on the Numbers tab. Scroll down to the Multiplication/Division heading, and click on "Crazy Taxi M-12." Click the Start button, read the instructions and then click Start again. Check which number the car is supposed to crash into multiples of, and use the left and right arrow keys to move the car into the lanes containing a car labeled with a multiple for that number (for example, if the number given is 2, only crash into cars that have a number that can be divided evenly by 2). Avoid any cars labeled with a number that is not a multiple of the number given.

Use the space bar to jump over any obstacles encountered on the road. Try to hit as many cars with multiples of the number given before the time runs out. After time runs out, a different number will be given, and time will start again. The car must only crash into multiples of the newest number given.

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