How Do You Play the Car Wash Math Game?

How Do You Play the Car Wash Math Game?

To play the Car Wash math game, click the multiplication table with which you want to practice. When the dirty car pulls up, read the question, and use your mouse to click whichever mud splotch displays the correct answer. When you have washed enough cars, you are asked to race. Use the arrow keys to control your car and complete three laps to finish the game.

After you successfully answer 10 multiplication questions, the car you are working on is then washed. A new car with some fresh dirt pulls up to take its place. After you wash 5 cars, which takes 50 multiplication questions, you are asked to race a car on a track.

The car is controlled much like a remote-controlled car. The Up arrow key propels your car forward. Use the Left arrow and Right arrow keys to steer your car. The Down arrow key makes your car go backward.

Remember to steer the car from the point-of-view of the car itself. For example, if the car is going from the top-left corner of your screen to the bottom-left corner, you must press the Left arrow key to make it go right on the screen.

Sometimes, players get stuck on the walls. If this happens, just back up with the Down arrow key, straighten your car out, and keep going.