How Do You Plan and Write a Personal Essay for Admission Into Nursing School?


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A personal essay for admission into nursing school should be planned by deciding the best choice for the angle of the essay, planning what is going to be said in the essay, creating a rough draft and editing until the essay makes sense. Nurses can do this by coming up with ideas from their experiences and putting them into words.

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The most important part to writing an essay is to have the essay planned out. Students should get ideas from their experiences, personal stories and reasons that they want to attend nursing school. These ideas should be written down onto paper and organized chronologically. This will ensure that the paper flows. Potential nurses should then use these ideas to begin writing a paper on what they have done in their life, how these experiences have helped them and why they want to go to nursing school.

Students should be sure to not write a copy of their resume in their essay and should instead focus on how they felt during these various situations and life experiences. It is a good idea for potential nurses to have someone else edit the first few drafts of their paper to ensure that he or she is not missing anything and that the paper is grammatically correct.

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