What Are Some Places to Purchase an Algebra Textbook?

Several websites buy and sell textbooks, offering them at discounted prices. Other websites have new textbooks for sale at rates that are often below the list price. College bookstores and used bookstores also carry algebra textbooks that they have bought back from students.

Amazon.com carries a large selection of new and used textbooks, and since many independent sellers also use Amazon.com to sell their wares, shoppers have several options to choose from when shopping there. Abebooks.com and textbookrush.com also carry algebra textbooks from a variety of sellers across the country. When shopping online, note any shipping costs when determining the final price of items. Additionally, when searching these websites for used algebra textbooks, take note of what condition they are listed in because conditions can range from like new to acceptable. Most sites also note if the books contain writing or markings.

College bookstores carry the newest algebra textbooks as well as used books that students have sold back to the store. Keep in mind that some classes may require students to use the latest textbooks editions because used copies may be out of date. Used bookstore chains such as Half-Price Books purchase and sell textbooks, but their selection is limited to whatever comes into the store.