How Do You Pick a College?


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Picking a college to attend is an important life choice and should be well thought out by looking at the college's faculty, location, class size, departments, cost and acceptance rate. Students should apply to several schools to ensure they have options when making their final decisions.

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Following these steps can help students pick the colleges that best fit their individual needs and educational goals.

  1. Look at the departments
  2. The first step that a student should take is looking at the departments offered at each college. If a student is looking to major in English but sees that the college has a weak English department, the student would be better off going to another college.
  3. Look at the faculty and class size
  4. Class size matters to students who are shy and to other students who simply prefer a more personal relationship with their teachers. Faculty matters to students who need strong letters of recommendation for graduate programs or who simply want to be taught by the best. Review the faculty's qualifications and bios (if available) in the departments of interest.
  5. Cost and acceptance rate
  6. Cost and acceptance rate are both factors when choosing colleges for most students. Students should choose colleges they can afford or that offer financial aid. Students should keep in mind their GPAs and academic records when deciding which schools may be a good fit and which are "reach" schools.
  7. Location
  8. Students should consider how far away they want to be from home and only choose locations within that radius. Some students want to study in cities, while others prefer remote areas.
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