What Are Some Pi Day Activities for a Middle School?

pi-day-activities-middle-school Credit: Anna Gorin/Moment Open/Getty Images

Middle school students can make pi bracelets using numbered beads to celebrate Pi Day on March 14 (i.e., 3-14, the first numbers of pi). They can work on a long, color-coded string of beads with each color representing a number in pi. Students can write the numbers of pi on paper plates, and then post them on the wall during the week to help them remember the value of pi.

Do an art project with the classroom by asking the students to bring in white shirts to decorate with the pi symbol using fabric paint, glitter and glue. Make Pi Day fun by bringing in round snacks, such as cookies and pies, that students can measure to calculate the value of pi. Afterwards, they can record their answers onto a chart to see how close their answers are to the true value of pi.

Hold a memorization contest. On the weekend before Pi Day, ask the students to memorize pi to as many decimal places as possible. On Pi Day hold the contest, and award a prize to the student who does the best job. Encourage students to make short films or write songs or poems about pi, and have the students present them to the class.