What Does the Phrase "refrigeradores Usados" Mean?


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The Spanish phrase "refrigeradores usados" translated to "used refrigerators" in English. "Refrigeradores" is the plural term for "refrigerador," meaning refrigerator. "Usados" comes from the verb "usar," meaning "to use."

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"Refrigerador" is a masculine noun in Spanish, that can also be translated as "fridge" (United States English) and "icebox" (British English). The term can also be translated as "cooling system." In addition to meaning "to use" or "to utilize," the transitive verb "usar" can also mean "to wear." The past participle of "usar" is "usado," meaning "used" or "worn." An example sentence using the phrase "refrigeradores usados" is "Refrigeradores usados a la venta," meaning "used refrigerators for sale."

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