What Are Some Phonics Games to Play With Young Children?


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Phonics games to play with young children are making name puzzles, playing "Jumping Bean Phonics" and making consonant blend scavenger hunts. These games are suitable for preschool through second-grade children.

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To make a name puzzle, take a strip of paper, and write the child's name in neat block letters. Write the name again in a different color on another strip of paper. Cut the letters apart on the second strip. Go over the spelling and the sound that each letter makes. Have the child reassemble the name to match the first strip.

To play "Jumping Bean Phonics", write common word endings, such as "at", "an" and "og," on pieces of cardboard, and place them on the floor. Write common beginning letters on index cards. Hand the child one index card, and have her hop to all the endings that form a word.

To make a consonant blend scavenger hunt, write common blends on index cards. Hand one blend card to the child, go over the sound that it makes, and have the child find every object in the room that starts with that blend.

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