What Are Some Persuasive Writing Topics in Middle School?


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Some engaging middle school persuasive essay topics include: Should schools allow cell phones; should students wear uniforms; and should students be paid for good grades. Additional topics that don't pertain directly to school include: Should not wearing a seat belt be illegal, and should college athletes be paid to play.

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To compose an essay on the topic of whether or not schools should allow cell phones, a good place to begin is by reviewing the policies of various schools regarding electronic devices. Then include in the essay the benefits and challenges of having cell phones in class.

For an effective exploration of the topic of whether or not students should wear uniforms, gather research from reliable sources on the benefits and weaknesses of requiring school uniforms.

Similarly, to provide a convincing argument on the topic, "Should students be paid for good grades?" seek expert opinions on the pluses and minuses of this unorthodox undertaking. Conduct an interview with your pediatrician or a child psychologist on this topic.

If you are going to write a paper on the topic, "Should not wearing a seat belt be illegal?" review state and local laws pertaining to seat belt usage. Also, gather statistics on traffic fatalities and uses these statistics to support your argument.

Much engaging information is at your disposal if you choose to write on the topic of "Should college athletes be paid to play?" Look for current articles on the topic and review news programs that center on this theme, referencing both in your paper.

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