What Does a Personal Autobiography Sample Look Like?


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A personal autobiography sample contains the family background of the writer, his childhood experience and his cultural experiences. The biography should be interesting and unique, and it should feature a proper format, which includes an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

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The family background covers the writer's date and place of birth, a summary of his personality and crucial experiences that influenced the writer's life. Before an individual begins to write his family background, he should research aspects such as interesting things about his place of birth, the reason why his family migrated to the place and the relationship between his family and the area.

In writing the childhood history, the writer should select his most interesting childhood experiences. However, he should be careful not to ignore those experiences that may interest the readers.

On the culture, he should include features such as the holidays that his community observes, the community's customs, the types of clothes worn in the community, the food eaten and the language spoken. Additionally, the culture should include the community's rituals and sports. The writer should seek to answer readers' questions that relate to his culture, including questions about special clothes worn during certain events, gifts awarded to the writer on certain occasions and types of food prepared for certain special days.

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