How Does a Person Write an Artist Bio?


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Much like a resume, an artist biography must not be boring; rather, it must pique the reader's interest. Artist bios are ideally limited to one page because whoever receives it, whether it's a record label, magazine editor or a music manager, probably gets thousands of similar bios.

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A bio must be short. This is achieved by cutting out flowery language or fluff. Get to the point by immediately identifying, in the case of a band, the name of the band and each member's name and role in the band. State what kind of music the band plays, while avoiding making comparisons to another known band. Say where each member is from and list the band's accomplishments, including its social media following.

For individuals not in a band, actors, for example, they would do well to write the bio in the grammatical third person, which means the subject pronoun is "he," "she," "it" or "they," for example, or they can state their name, rather than using the first person, "I." Lists must be avoided, in lieu of narrative form, or sentence form, constructed in pyramid style; this style means putting the most meaningful information at the top and the least significant at the bottom.

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