How Do You Get a Pen Pal?

How Do You Get a Pen Pal?

To find a pen pal, decide what you are hoping to get from the relationship. Search reputable pen pal websites for people matching your desired profile. Make contact, and evaluate whether the pen pal relationship is going to meet your expectations.

  1. Decide what you want from the pen pal relationship

    List whether you want to learn about a foreign country, read letters in a foreign language, and if you want to exchange e-mails or handwritten letters. Consider how often you plan to write letters and how often you expect to receive communication from your new friend.

  2. Search for pen pals

    Look for pen pal websites that are concerned about your safety. Realize that some sites charge a small fee. Choose to place an ad yourself or just browse ads from others. Other possible places to find a good pen pal are local clubs with a national or international presence or military personnel.

  3. Make the first contact

    Following the rules of the website, contact one or more people that seem to fit the parameters that matter to you.

  4. Wait for a response

    Be patient in waiting for a response. However, if a long while goes by without a response, consider choosing a new pen pal. Realize circumstances might have changed for that person, and he might not be a good pen pal for you.