What Does "peinados De Moda" Mean?


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The Spanish phrase "peinados de moda" translates roughly to "fashionable hairstyles" in English. The word "moda" means "fashion," and "de" means "of," while "peinados" means "hairstyle." Dictionary.com defines "fashion" as the popular and common style of etiquette, dress or social mannerism.

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Glamour Magazine gives several examples of fashionable hairstyles in 2015. Low ponytails and tousled mini-braids are popular hairstyles for women. Another 2015 trend is accessorized hairstyles. Many hairstyles are paired with head scarves, flower garlands or barrettes. "Wet locks" are also trendy. This describes a style of slicked-back hair where copious amounts of gel are used to imitate the look of wet hair.

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