How Do You Find Peer-Reviewed Journals?

How Do You Find Peer-Reviewed Journals?

To find peer-reviewed journals, limit the library or database search parameters to display peer-reviewed publications. To double check the source, look it up on the Ulrichsweb data base or check the publication's masthead to see if it is peer-reviewed.

Peer-reviewed journals publish articles reviewed by other experts in the same field. Usually, these reviews are blind, so the articles must stand up for themselves. The peer-reviewing process offers a lot of credibility compared to publications in magazines, trade publications or non-reviewed academic journals, as all articles are accepted based on the credibility of the information in the article. Therefore, many university courses require students to source information from peer-reviewed journals. To find these sources, use the following steps.

  1. Limit database searches
  2. Students and scholars can look up sources in academic databases such as Academic Search Premier. Most databases allow users to choose an option to limit the search to peer-reviewed sources or scholarly sources. Sometimes, the option is listed in the advanced search options. Many library search portals also offer this option.

  3. Double check the source on Ulrichsweb
  4. Ulrichsweb is a database that lists information for academic journals. To double check sources, type in the exact title of the publication. All peer-reviewed journals should be displayed as such.

  5. Look at the publication masthead
  6. If the journal is not listed on Ulrichsweb, it may still be peer-reviewed. Students can look at the journal's masthead to see if it is peer-reviewed. This information may also be listed on the publication's submissions guidelines or on its website.