What Is Pearson's SuccessNet Plus Program?

What Is Pearson's SuccessNet Plus Program?

Pearson's SuccessNet Plus program provides educators with a digital curriculum and learning management system for their schools and Kindergarten through 12th-grade classrooms. SuccessNet Plus combines Pearson's curriculum with assessment, planning, instruction and tracking tools.

Pearson's SuccessNet Plus includes a number of features such as electronic texts, lesson plans and auto-graded homework. In addition, teachers are able to utilize resources to create schedules, track assignment progress and determine how plans align with standards.

The program is a ready-to-implement curriculum, but schools and educators can customize it to meet the requirements and needs of their school districts and students. Teachers can edit assessments, activities and lesson plans as well as create or upload new materials.

Assessments provide educators with a way to personalize instruction for students via ongoing tracking of their work, individualized learner settings and study plans to help them to improve their grades. Pearson's SuccessNet Plus strives to make learning engaging to students through interesting and varied materials and automatic feedback so that students are always informed of their progress.

Pearson offers teachers a wide-range of support services to assist them in using the program successfully. Online training is available and the company can be reached by phone, email or chat if further help is required.

Educators can subscribe to SuccessNet Plus by searching for a Pearson Representative on the company's website and contacting him or her to purchase the program.