What Are Pearson Online Classes?

What Are Pearson Online Classes?

Pearson online classes and resources are designed to help students of all age achieve better academic results through online learning programs. These can be virtual schools for students pursuing sports or other disciplines that keep them away from traditional schools and may also include supplemental courses, labs and homework provided by a teacher using the Pearson platform.

Pearson, a 168-year-old publishing company, turned its sights to providing online learning resources when the shift from print to digital materials began. It has successfully implemented online resources for schools across the country.

When setting up a virtual school, the classes are accredited and funded at a state level and the courses are free for students and parents. The classes include professional instructors, online and print materials, use of computers and training for parents who often act as learning coaches, according to Connections Academy.

Universities are also using online classes and resources from Pearson. Students who sign up for a online course using Pearson learning resources take the same course using the MyLab platform.

Another online course tool the company offers to educators is the OpenClass platform, which allows teachers to create online content, discussion threads and curated resources to augment their lessons.